Techniques For Improving Marks


Use the Act and Regulations, ASME and CSA Codes books in the exam. These books provide a lot of answers to the questions.
In the answer books, print your answer in a tidy, legible manner so the examiner can read your writing. Start each question on a new page.


If you are not sure which is the correct answer, eliminate the wrong answers and focus on the best or a safe procedure for the answer. For more information on writing multiple choice exams click on the link below.

How To Write a SOPEEC Multiple Choice Exam


Long Essay Questions

Read the questions carefully and write the answers that the question asked, not the things you know.  Provide more detailed answers to all the questions accordingly (i.e. if the question has 5 marks, you should provide 5 points with brief explanation, instead of one point in detail).


Always, if possible, provide a complete and  detailed sketch, include essential instruments such as gauge glass, safety valve, temp controller,  control dampers, etc.

Calculation Questions

the following approach may help:

  • write the equation,
  • define all variables and show their units e.g. KJ/kg K
  • state the assumptions,
  • show all steps,
  • check units in each step,
  • eliminate unknowns if you think there is insufficient data,
  • substitute numbers at the end to get the answer.

In doing so, examiner can follow your concept, you ensure the correct variables are used and you avoid copying a wrong number until the end.  Partial marks will be given for correct work even you did not have the correct answer.


The above techniques may make a big difference and you may have the necessary marks to pass the exam.