Sample Questions 3B1 (Multiple Choice)

 (NOTE: These questions are intended as representations of the style of questions that may appear on examinations, they are not intended as study material and, as such, may not be in line with any current examination syllabus)

1. Which one of the following factor influences the natural circulation in a watertube boiler?

A. The height of the economizer above the bottom of air heater

B. The height of the economizer above the bottom of boiler floor

C. The height of the steam drum above the bottom drum or header

D. The height of the superheater header above the reheater header

Answer: C

2. For top supported boilers, the steam drum is _________________ .

A. hung from steel lateral supports.

B. hung from the top steelwork.

C. supported by concrete drum foundations.

D. welded to the top header.

Answer: B

3. CSA B51 Codes states that steam boilers not continuously attended by a certified operator shall be equipped with ________ low-water fuel cut-off device(s).

A. at least two

B. one

C. one master and one slave

D. two dependent

Answer: A

4. The high gas pressure switch contacts of a steam boiler are normally closed whenever the main gas line pressure is ______ preset pressure.

A. 100 kPa above a

B. below a

C. above a

D. equal to the ignitor gas supply pressure’s

Answer: B

5. For the same required air flow, an induced draft (ID) fan must have a larger capacity than a forced draft (FD) fan because the ID fan must handle ___________________ .

A. a lower temperature of air

B. a larger volume of gases

C. the mass of atomizing steam

D. the mass of combustion air

Answer: B

6. A three-element feedwater control system is an improvement over the two-element control system by adding ____________ as the third element.

A. steam flow

B. steam pressure

C. water level

D. water flow

Answer: D

7. Based on the ASME Codes, the water used for the hydrostatic test of a steam boiler must not exceed _______ °C.

A. 45

B. 55

C. 65

D. 75

Answer: B

8. During the regeneration of a mixed-bed demineralizer, the backwash process is used to ______________ .

A. add the anion and cation resin beads

B. mix up the anion and cation resin beads

C. remove lingering regenerant and undesirable ions

D. separate the anion and cation resin beads

Answer: D

9. When the liquid travels through the volute casing of a centrifugal pump to the pump discharge, the liquid velocity decrease and its ________________ .

A. internal energy is converted into potential energy

B. kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy

C. potential energy is converted into velocity energy

D. pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy

Answer: B

10. Based on the ASME Codes, area of replacement means that adequate reinforcement of the vessel requires ___________________ to be attached near the openings as was removed to create the opening.

A. an equal amount of carbon steel

B. an equal amount of excess material

C. an equal volume of reinforcement pad

D. an equal weight of reinforcement pad

Answer: B