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Standardization Of Power Engineer Examinations Committee (SOPEEC)

The Standardization of Power Engineer Examinations Committee (SOPEEC) is a committee delegated by, and responsible to, the Canadian Association of Chief Inspectors (ACI). SOPEEC was formed in 1972 to promote a uniform examination system and improve mobility of power engineers between member jurisdictions. SOPEEC is a national committee representing all Canadian jurisdictions and the Federal department of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). The committee consists of one representative from each jurisdiction and the HRSDC.

The committee elects a Chairperson and an Examination Coordinator to conduct the day-to-day business activities. The current Chairperson is Mr. Joseph Simms  (NS), Vice Chair is Mr. Muhammad Wani (NU), and the SOPEEC Coordinator is Mr. Tom Leming (AB) . The Chairperson is responsible for meetings, minutes and communicating with the ACI. The Coordinator is responsible for a number of day-to-day functions including examination content.

SOPEEC meets annually in conjunction with the Interprovincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee (IPECC) which represents educators, training providers and industry from across Canada. The two committees work together to enhance the power engineering program throughout Canada. The work includes: power engineering program and course curriculum development, development of examination syllabi and development of recommended reading material.

The ACI owns all SOPEEC examination materials and SOPEEC maintains the examination banks for power engineering certification and promotes the utilization of a uniform national standard. SOPEEC’s areas of responsibility include: standardized examination content, development of examination syllabi, and interprovincial power engineering certification. SOPEEC also strives for standardization of power engineering regulations throughout Canada. SOPEEC makes recommendations, regarding qualification, examination and certification of power engineers, to the ACI which in turn considers and decides on direction.

Member jurisdictions have the right to use SOPEEC examinations in their power engineering qualification programs. Jurisdictions that use SOPEEC examinations agree to abide by the SOPEEC Policy. A candidate who successfully completes all applicable SOPEEC examination papers and meets their jurisdiction’s requirements, can acquire a Standardized Certificate. This certificate is identified by a Standardization Seal or another means adopted by the issuing jurisdiction. A Standardized Certificate, issued in accordance with SOPEEC Policy, is recognized by all jurisdictions throughout Canada.