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Oct 31/14 Brief SOPEEC 2017 Revised 4th Class Syllabus
Oct 31/14 Reorganization to the SOPEEC 4th Class Syllabus
Jul 8/14 2014 IPECC Presentation
Oct 11/13 Notice of Examination for 3B1 exams
July 9/13 Power Engineering Safety Through Certification – Dr. K. Lau.
July 9/13 2012 National Statistics
April 4/13 New chapter on corrosion for the 2nd Class Part A Paper 2 will be available on July 1, 2013
April 4/13 Examination of New 2nd Class Syllabus Topic on Corrosion
June 25/12 2011 National Statistics
July 11/11 Old First Class Reminder
June 28/11 2010 National Statistics
Feb 2/11 Updated Curriculum for Revised Second Class
Feb 1/11 Revised 1st Class Part A
Revised 1st Class Part B
Revised 2nd Class Part A
Revised 2nd Class Part B
Jan 11/11 Deadline For Writing Old First Class Exams – Aug 31, 2011
Jan 6/11 How to Write a SOPEEC Multiple Choice Exam
Oct 26/10 Revised Second Class Syllabus addition to section 5 (g)
Jul 12/10 Presentation on 2010 Exams and 2009 National Statistics
Jun 30/10 Using the 2004 and 2007 Edition of the ASME Academic
Extracts for SOPEEC Examinations
Jun 25/09 Presentation on 2009 Exams & 2008 National
May 5/09 Refrigeration Operator Syllabus
Nov 28/08 First Class Curriculum, Second Class Curriculum,
  Third Class Curriculum, Fourth Class Curriculum,
  Fifth Class Curriculum
Nov 25/08 Updated Questions for Revised First Class
Apr 3/08 Calculation Question Marking Guidelines
June 5/07 Examination Syllabus Charts for Power Engineers
Mar 15/07 First Class Power Engineers Examination
Jan 2/07 SOPEEC History
Jan 2/07 5th Class Exam Effective 2007
Oct 19/06 Quebec has joined SOPEEC
July 25/06 Quebec Applies to Join SOPEEC
July 25/06 Top Power Engineering Student
June 30/06 Deadlines for Writing Old First Class Examination
June 30/06 Update for Revised First Class Syllabus
June 30/06 Deadline for Writing Old Second Class Examination
June 30/06 Techniques In Improving Power Engineers Exam Marks
June 30/06 Comparison of Revised First Class Syllabus
June 23/06 Implementation of the Revised First Class Syllabus
Feb 7/05 Implementation of Revised Second Class Syllabus