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A Standardized Certificate (sometimes referred to as an Interprovincial Certificate) is earned as a result of a candidate attempting and successfully passing Standardized Power Engineering Examinations in any Province or Territory in Canada. The Standardized Certificate is similar in appearance to a Provincial Certificate however the Standardized Certificate usually includes an Interprovincial Seal.

Yes. As an example, if you have a Third Class Standardized Certificate from Newfoundland, and you relocate to Saskatchewan, you must apply to Saskatchewan for a Saskatchewan Third Class Standardized Certificate.

As an example, you are relocating from Nova Scotia to Alberta because you plan to work in Alberta. You must bring a valid Nova Scotia Certificate and present it to the Alberta Jurisdiction (ABSA).  Alberta will then contact Nova Scotia for the required information, and this may take several days. Once all is in order, you are eligible to purchase a new Alberta Power Engineering Certification.

Yes, you must make application for a Certificate from the Jurisdiction where you are employed.

It is recommended that you write examinations in the Jurisdiction where you are employed. However, you must meet the Regulatory requirements for the examination in the Jurisdiction where you apply to write.

Yes. The marks from your original examinations can be forwarded to the new Jurisdiction. You will get credit according to the Regulations governing the new Jurisdiction.

You must get a copy of the Acts and Regulations which apply to the new Jurisdiction and become familiar with them. You are subject to and must abide by those Acts and Regulations. If you are going to work there, you must make application to, and receive a Certificate from, that Jurisdiction.

Most jurisdictions do not provide examination results over the telephone. The Jurisdiction (examiner) cannot provide confidential information over the telephone or fax. The examination results are emailed or mailed to a home address. However, in some Jurisdictions, you may appear in person and produce picture ID to obtain examination results.

Contact the applicable Jurisdiction and discuss.