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Calculation Questions

Write down the equations, show the variables with the correct units, and show your steps would help to obtain the correct answers and improve your marks.  The following article should help you to improve your marks.

Techniques For Improving Marks

Long Essay Type Examination Questions 
Long essay type questions are actually more straight forward. Most of the time, the questions are divided into a number of parts.  The instructions are more specific and clear. The marks are assigned according to the amount of content expected in the answer.

Most of the questions are: briefly describe the principles, the process, the objectives, and list the advantages and disadvantages. The answer guides are mainly based on the course materials.

Sample Questions Part A  

Sample Questions Part B  

(NOTE: These questions are intended as representations of the style of questions that may appear on examinations. They are not intended as study material and, as such, may not be in line with any current examination syllabus)