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Fourth Class Examinations

It is suggested that candidates contact the applicable jurisdiction for specific application information. Each jurisdiction may coordinate its applications for examination differently.

In all jurisdictions obtaining a 4th class certificate of competency requires successful completion of 2 examinations. The Part A and Part B examinations are each comprised of 100 multiple choice questions.

  • In many Jurisdictions the multiple choice examinations are graded by a computer and there is limited interaction with an examiner.

To pass a 4th Class Power Engineer’s Certificate of Competency examination, a candidate must obtain at least 65% of the total marks allotted for each examination paper.

In most jurisdictions 4th class examinations are 3 hours in length.

Code questions for the 4th class are provided in both imperial and metric (SI). In most jurisdictions, the candidate is responsible for providing the required code books.

All code questions will be built to the 2007 (or newer) ASME Code. While older codes may be allowed in the examination all answers will be to the 2007 (or newer) ASME Code.

See General Examination Information for what some jurisdictions normally allow to be brought into the examination room by the candidate